Business backup

Deal with the unexpected.


Nobody can plan for the completely unexpected. Like a key staff member winning Lotto and suddenly deciding to resign and move to Tahiti, or the Maldives, or Gore.

Axos Business backup is a service that is available as a result of our experience working for our customers.

We understand in some parts of New Zealand it can be a challenge getting access to skilled people who are conversant with both the finance and operations of a medium to large business and who are comfortable with the language, processes and criticality of the energy sector.

Business Backup is a service which delivers operational know how, process familiarity and a set of established relationships which provides an assurance that should you have to deal with the unexpected, you have a plan to deal with it.

Whether a key staff member needs to take unexpected leave, or a major event has occurred - we can explore designing a business backup service to suit you - whether for it's to cater for unplanned events or virtually full-time.

If you think this is something worth discussing further then get in touch so we can better understand your needs.