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Axos Systems is a growing innovative software as a service company based in Wellington, New Zealand. Our team is made up of software professionals and industry experts with metering, retailer and distributor experience.


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We're trusted by both energy retailers and distribution networks alike to process, validate, estimate and calculate consumers' use of energy to enable full reconciliation and settlement of market activity.

Our careful and considered perspective allows us to provide insight and enable a free flowing market whilst maintaining strict confidentiality between our clients. If you are a distribution network then our Billing product will be of particular interest. If you’re a retail energy company looking for a solution to validate, estimate, manage and store large amounts of half hour data then Datahub could be for you.

Finally, if you are an energy sector professional and want to work at the intersection of retail and distribution with a real focus on delivering and improving software that’s at the heart of some of the most innovative players in the energy sector in NZ then you should get in touch.

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