Axos® Insights

Gain insights with business intelligence as a service. Every Day.


Axos Insights is a cost-effective combination of your Axos Systems services and easy to use Business Intelligence analytical modules.

You'll be able to see on a day-to-day basis the ongoing results of the analysis and will be able to keep watch on the issues that you were concerned about in the first place.

Whether it's for revenue assurance, or seeing a certain pattern in energy utilisation, Axos Insights will enable you to see exactly what is going on. And that's seamlessly delivered alongside your preferred Axos Service Billing and/or Datahub) instance

3 different modules are available:

  • Revenue Assurance

  • Market Stats and Losses

  • Revenue Monitor

We’re constantly developing, improving and adding to the Insights suite and have more planned (such as Future Pricing Scenarios) which take advantage of special Axos capabilities such as comparison billing.

Revenue Assurance (RA)

Insights:RA uses data from Axos Billing or Datahub, Registry, Reconciliation Manager & Rules Library.

It provides detailed ICP level reporting based on a shared EDB library of Revenue Assurance rules. E.g. Unbilled ICPs, overbilled ICPs, illogical data combinations.

Analysis provided includes:

  • EIEP in vs EIEP out vs Invoice Line items

  • Unusual Trends / Changes

  • Missing Data

  • EIEP in and Config error summaries

  • Zero and Negative Data

  • ICP/Transaction level analysis

Market Stats & Losses (MSL)

Insights:MSL uses data from the Reconciliation Manager, Wholesale Information Trading System and EMI based stats from the Electricity Authority. You can buy Insights:MSL independent of Axos Billing/Datahub which could be a good way to get started.

Analysis provided includes:

  • Energy loss analysis (GXP)

  • Inject vs Load

  • Half Hour vs Non Half Hour Comparisons

  • Unaccounted for Energy

Revenue Monitor (RM)

Insights:RM is an extension of Insights: MSL, but also analyses EIEP and Registry data from Axos Billing or Datahub

Analysis provided includes:

  • Billing Trends

  • Reconcile Traded vs Billed

  • Seasonality

  • Prolonged estimates

  • Unbilled connections & consumption


Note: All data presented in the monitor as aggregated summaries - i.e. trends & volumes over time.

For detailed actionable reporting (i.e. at ICP level) refer to the Revenue Assurance report.

The Insights:RA video demonstration is available here

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