Axos® Insights

Gain a deeper insight with Ampli. Every Day.


Ampli is a joint venture between Axos Systems and Counties Power, an electricity distribution company.

Ampli specialises in smart data analytics to provide insights into power system and grid performance for network companies.

Ampli's range of services includes:

  • Fault Resolution Analysis and Management.

  • Pricing Analysis.

  • Profile and Consumption Analysis.

  • Revenue Assurance.

  • Network Performance Analysis


Ampli is optimised to work with the datasets that the Axos Systems products create and manage and can also carry out analysis from external datasets too.

After your customised analytics is designed by Ampli, typically a one-off report is produced which provides a great deal of insight and learning.

But what if that analysis needs to be run again and again?

Axos Insights is a cost-effective combination of your Axos Systems services and Ampli Analytics. You'll be able to see on a day-to-day basis the ongoing results of the analysis and will be able to keep watch on the issues that you were concerned about in the first place. Whether it's revenue assurance, or seeing a certain pattern in energy utilisation, Axos Insights will enable you to see exactly what is going on. And that's seamlessly delivered within your preferred Axos Service.


Ampli is led by Jason Baker, who is experienced across a range of industries - banking, telco & property.

Ampli has a wide range of expertise, and a growing team of data analysts - including market insight, public data, database development, CRM, strategy & pricing, segmentation and statistical analysis.