Our Vision

The trusted provider to the innovators. 


The energy sector in NZ processes well over 3 billion pieces of market reconciliation information every month. We're a part of making that happen and we're a part of making sure that process is economically sustainable for our customers.


With the advent of advanced metering the demands on operational data management and reconciliation have significantly increased for all players in the energy sector.

Axos Systems provides a targeted set of cloud-based services that help energy market participants operate effectively and efficiently in a complex and changing world. Our solution set is modular in its design and we are flexible in our approach. We believe that software should fit customers - not the other way around. 

  • Agile and Iterative development processes

  • Constant releases of new features and capabilities as our products evolve with our customers needs and within our overall product direction.

  • Tuned to meet the nuances of the marketplace we operate in.

  • Answering the question: How do we help our customers and the market progress and evolve?

We've found our services best suit the innovators in the market place. Typically they're smaller but they're nimble and they're keen to build competitive advantage into their business by choosing to work with us. 

We're trusted by both retailers and distributors alike to ensure that data is converted into revenue. Operating at the intersection of any industry demands a duty of care in everything we do.

To that end we ensure that:

  • Client environments are separately implemented.

  • Intellectual property around implementations are safeguarded.

  • Features/facilities that drive competitive advantage are isolated.

Our fully managed service offering will enable network participants to unshackle themselves from legacy systems that are stopping them from providing new offerings.

As well as being able to do something different, our solution for retailers will also allow them to look at improving the overall affordability of their data management, billing and reconciliation processes.

We're not trying to be "everything to everyone", we're focussed on providing some specific services very well but we're also happy to help with making sure our systems can work with your preferred CRM or finance systems. It's your choice.

Our software and our service makes handling complex issues easier.

Jamie Baddeley  Managing Director  Axos Systems

Jamie Baddeley

Managing Director

Axos Systems