Success Stories

What do our customers think?


Alpine Energy - Electricity Distributor.


In 2015 Alpine Energy via a competitive RFP process selected Axos Systems as its billing system provider. Alpine was the first network customer of Axos and we continue to highly value this relationship.

Alpine were seeking to replace an internally developed system that:

  • was difficult to use for the end users

  • needed a high degree of internal IT staff support

  • was inflexible and difficult to update with pricing and other changes

Axos Systems was chosen because our products are:

  • easily configurable for required business processes

  • flexible to meet changing pricing and technology requirements

  • modern, modular and scalable to meet future requirements

  • easy to support thereby improving IT staff productivity.

  • able to be customised to meet specific needs.


“We sought a partner with proven experience in delivering energy billing solutions who could meet our immediate needs and also bring innovation to our business over the longer term.”

— Sara Carter, General Manager – Commercial and Regulatory, Alpine Energy


Nova Energy - Energy Retailer.


After an initial RFP process and a proposition from Axos Systems to Nova Energy that hinged around a agile implementation approach, Nova and Axos have been working closely together since mid 2017.

With a healthy but ageing legacy billing system and a market driven need to innovate and offer a new commercial proposition Nova decided to buy into the full Axos Systems product suite and deployed both Axos Billing and Axos Datahub along with API integration into consumer-side applications developed by Nova.

Key to Nova's decision was a partner that could offer adaptable flexible technology that allowed them to respond to a rapidly changing environment and integrate cleanly to other Nova systems. Ultimately the goal (as always) was to deliver an improved consumer experience. The ability of Axos Systems to work collaboratively with Nova on the solution was another important element in the decision.

The business relationship with Axos Systems has been a successful experience for Nova. We have appreciated the technical guidance the Axos team have provided, their keen ability to quickly understand our business requirements and then turn these requirements into technical solutions.
— Chris Power - Project Owner, Nova Energy

First Gas - Gas Distributor.


When First Gas Limited purchased Vector Gas Limited’s gas distribution assets, the company had no supporting information technology infrastructure or systems in place, and a target of three months to establish an auditable, fully functioning billing system.

“The ability to bill is inherent to the success of any business,” says First Gas Distribution Commercial Manager Matt Wilson. “ First Gas wanted to be able to operate as an independent business and ensure accurate billing and compliance. We needed a fully functional, auditable, viable billing system that was completely compliant in a very short space of time.”

With no history, limited existing infrastructure and no systems or processes for gas reconciliation and billing functions– First Gas engaged Simply Group to supply the company with a billing system and service.

Simply Group & Axos Systems worked with First Gas to reverse engineer the methodology to produce billing outputs – in essence, figuring out an accurate billing process from their expertise in billing and tariff structures together with copies of customers’ previous invoices.

Axos Systems’ specialisation in IT systems for the energy and utility sector meant they could bring real agility and speed to market, which was key to succeeding in this project.
— Matt Wilson - First Gas Distribution Commercial Manager

Electra - Electricity Distributor


After becoming a customer of Axos Billing in 2018, Electra extended the business relationship by taking up Axos Insights in 2019.

Electra found real business benefit in the ongoing analytical capability of the Revenue Assurance and Market Statistics modules of Insights. It also helped automate some currently manual business processes.

The ability to not only spot certain exceptions but also be able to carry out long term analysis and identify certain trends on a month to month or year to year basis and then drill down to what is actually causing the issues means the overall billing and reconciliation processes can be tightened up even further.

..We’ve found that Insights has already identified activity which has meant that Axos Insights will pretty much pay for itself..
— Kelly Roberts, Finance & Commercial Manager Electra