Advanced Data Management and Billing Systems for smarter energy companies.


Focussed on service.


Able to make a difference

We’re a small innovative software company based in Wellington.  Our team is made up of software professionals and industry experts with metering, retailer and distributor experience.

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At the Intersection

We're trusted by both energy retailers and distribution networks alike to process, validate, estimate and calculate consumers' use of energy to enable full reconciliation and settlement of market activity. Our careful and considered perspective allows us to provide insight and enable a free flowing market whilst maintaining strict confidentiality between our clients.

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At the heart of some of the most forward thinking in the industry

We're privileged to have some of the most forward thinking players in the energy sector in NZ as our customers. Our software and services support some of the most innovative initiatives happening in NZ's competitive energy marketplace.

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Closing the gap between retailers and networks.

Our services help retail energy companies and energy distribution companies make sure energy use is properly accounted for. What goes in must come out.


our products

Modular. Flexible. Cost Effective.

Designed to fit your business.

The Axos Systems services are modular in design - each part focussed on doing a particular aspect very well.

Axos® Datahub deals with an comprehensive array of datafeeds that networks and retailers alike need to deal with every day. Datahub also uses smart algorithms to estimate and fill the gaps in the data to provide a consistent reliable feed of information.

Axos® Billing takes in a reliable feed of data and is able to apply a complex set of pricing structures and commercial arrangements to rate and price energy consumption.

Axos® Insights is a cost-effective combination of your Axos Systems services and easy to use Business Intelligence analytical modules.

These products are wrapped up with a service delivery ethos that is agile, adaptable and responsive. Axos Systems designs products and services that fit your business - not the other way around.