Axos® billing

Convert data into revenue


Axos Billing is a utility billing product for networks, retailers, commercial & industrial, white-label and niche customers.

It is optimised to combine interval volumes or fixed quantities from Axos Datahub (or other third-party data management or customer systems) with pricing/tariff models and customer information, producing one or more invoices per bill period, then makes the billed information available to external systems including CRM, finance, debtor management, or customer-facing applications.

Axos Billing not only supports the billing of multiple utility services on a single customer invoice (including electricity & gas or even water or broadband, etc.) but is also flexible to allow multiple invoices per customer — and comparison billing — to see how the customer would have been billed on other pricing plan combinations — including the ability to calculate savings (or potential savings) versus other price offerings.

Axos Billing handles both standard and complex tariffs including time-of-use and distribution tariffs (both GXP and ICP-based methodologies for network billing).

The Axos Systems suite of products does not require our customers to replace all their existing systems. Instead both Axos Billing and Axos Datahub are focused on doing their core jobs well and will integrate with customers' other existing CRM, debtor management, financial or third-party systems.


Axos Billing provides a range of reports and data exports:

  • Mass EIEP1 (Produces Multiple EIEP1s)

  • Missing EIEP1 File

  • Electricity Supplied and Billed (AV-120)

  • UFE

  • EIEP2 (Network to Retailer)

  • EIEP3

  • EIEP12 Line Tariff Prices

  • Consumers Per Account

  • Consumers Per Load Group

  • Invoice Line Items

  • Tariff Collection Time of Day Summary

  • Invoice Billable Summary

  • Invoice Reading

  • Invoice Savings

  • Invoice Savings per Billable

  • Invoice Pricing

  • Electricity Projected Revenues

  • EIEP1 (Retailer to Network)

  • EIEP1 (Network to Retailer)


  • Active Tariff Prices

  • Billable Plans

  • Billables

  • Billable Types

  • Charges

  • Data Streams

  • HHR Consumption

  • ICPs

  • Invoiceables

  • Invoiced Entities

  • Metering

  • Pricing Plans

  • Readings


  • Invalid Readings

  • Missing Billable Quantities

  • Missing Consumption Data

  • Missing Final Energy Prices

  • Missing Icp Consumption Days

  • Missing NHH Readings

  • Missing Tariff Prices

  • Readings Outside Tolerance

  • Unbilled ICP Equipment

  • Unbilled ICP Data Streams

  • Tolerance Exception

  • Final Reads Exception

  • Duplicate Billables Exception