Bring all your data together into one place.


Axos Datahub brings together a wide variety of data sources available to both energy retailers and energy distributors into a coherent data structure that is then made available to our Axos® Billing product or to a third-party system (e.g. a CRM system or mobile application)

It is a time-series and meter data management solution for loading, validating and transforming datasets for billing, market compliance and reporting.

Datahub implements the interval data interfaces from all the NZ metering equipment providers including

  • Vector AMS (HERM, HHER, DRR)

  • Metrix (HHR, RR)

  • SmartCo (HHER, DRR)


  • IntelliHub (HHR)

Datahub is able to take the imported data and carry out a set of data validation processes and data estimation processes for both daily summaries and half hour interval readings.

Datahub integrates with the systems in the NZ energy market including:

the Electricity (or Gas) Registry for

  • ICP events (including EDA, NOT, CS and LIS files)

  • Pricing category codes

  • Loss factors

  • NSP/balancing area mappings

WITS for

  • Energy prices and other pricing datasets

Transpower for

  • Grid metered volumes

  • Network coincident peak volumes

Reconciliation manager for

  • Balanced reconciliation results

  • Seasonal profile shapes

  • Other reconciled datasets for networks & traders

Datahub's reconciliation reporting module manages trader submissions including

  • Non-half hour submissions

  • Half-hour submissions

  • Profile shapes

  • ICP days

  • Half-hourly aggregates

EIEP interfaces for

- EIEP1 & EIEP2 reporting for network—retailer quantities

- EIEP3 reporting for half-hourly volumes

Axos Datahub is also available as a fixed solution that is solely focussed on enabling Networks that have internal legacy billing/reconciliation systems deal with a changing regulatory environment.

Datahub can be deployed to deal with the scenario where Networks are set up to receive EIEP1 'Incremental Normalised' (IN) from Retailers but are now receiving EIEP1 'Replacement Normalised' (RN) data instead.

Datahub is able to receive EIEP1-RN and produce EIEP1-IN. This means that Datahub can provide a intermediate bridge between legacy reconciliation systems in Distribution Networks and the changing requirements of the industry. This can be thought of as an 'on-ramp' to deploying a full Axos Datahub + Billing solution.